Top Ten Unique and Bizarre Tech Gadgets

Technology is improving day-by-day, by the passage of time we see new and latest gadgets in market. Most of these gadgets are very useful and amazing, but some of them are unusual and bizarre. Some are also unreal, which we see on different websites while surfing on internet. I found some unique and bizarre technology gadgets which I want to share with you people. These gadgets can easily be located in most of the households these days. It depends on you that in what way you evaluate these tech gadgets. Here is the list of the top ten most unusual and bizarre tech gadgets.

At Number 10

Eye See Cam

Cameras are so common these days. The reason behind the invention of this Eye see cam is that professionals especially Doctors can keep the record of their activities. This camera moves with the direction of your eyes and it records everything which you saw.eye-tracking-camera

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At Number 9

Bug Zapping Racket

As shown by name this racket is used to zap all the mosquitoes and other kind of bugs in just few seconds. It looks like tennis racket and also works in similar way. Like the tennis ball you just need to hit the bug and it is blown to kingdom calm. One more thing, you need to recharge it after some use.Bug Zapping Racket

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At Number 8

The Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera

If you are worry about your pet that he might get lost, then just go and purchase this camera. It is especially designed for the people who are unable to take some good care of their pets.It can take shots and snaps quickly but its memory is limited.The Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera

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At Number 7

LED Umbrella

When you are walking on road and suddenly the rain starts, the first thing you need is an umbrella. Of course the umbrella will helpful for you in the rain. But why it has that LED light function? This function is included to provide you light for walking in the dark. So this gadget is more convenient as compared to simple umbrella.LED Umbrella

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At Number 6

Grass Charging Station

When we look at the picture we think that how grass can charge anything? But it is not real grass. This grass is completely artificial which is used to cover the objects lies beneath the station. You can charge your mobiles, iPod, iPad etc by connecting them with the station. So it provides more convenient and different charging process.Grass Charging Station

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At Number 5

The Mindset Headphones

This gadget looks like a simple headphone, but it comes with some unique and weird functions. Inventors said that this gadget comes to challenge your mind by playing games with you. All you need to do is that plug it into your laptop or computer and leave the rest on it. It functions by measuring the flow of brain waves.Woman with headphones

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At Number 4

Egokast LCD Screen Belt

The most bizarre and weirdest gadget is here at number 4 in our list. This gadget is not just a belt it is more like a theatre on the go which can easily be carried. You would never feel the need of watching movie at home after buying this LED belt. It comes with 2GB internal memory. There is also option to use Micro SD memory cards if you need more memory.egokast belt buckle

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At Number 3

The Warming Gloves

When there is extreme cold weather this gadget will helps you to keep hands warm. The main feature is that it uses power from USB port. So you can plug it into your laptop and enjoy the heat.The Warming Gloves

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At Number 2

Toaster Printer

It works and looks like a page printer, but here you have to insert a bread piece. It toasts the bread and release it like a printer prints a page. In some models there is also facility to print something on bread using jam or ketchup.toast-printer-idea

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At Number 1

The Robot Lawnmower

Mowing your loan has not been so easy and accommodating, thanks to the Robot Lawnmower. This gadget is a true exhibition of technology enhancement. It is fully automatic and it can be operated easily by using remote control. Now you don’t need to walk in garden to cut the grass, you just sit and enjoy while lawnmower can do this job for you.ka-lawnbott-lb3500-robot-lawn-mower-detailsImage Source

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