Top Ten Sexiest Female Tennis Players

Women are essential part of sports now-a-days. Especially when we talk about Tennis it looks incomplete without females just like other things in world. According to a survey, People liked to watch female Tennis players more as compared to male Tennis players. The style and beauty of Female players also attract people indeed.

The Sexiest Tennis Players are numerous in number we select only the Top 10 sexiest female players. Here is the list of these 10 most good looking and charming sports ladies.


10. Andrea Petkovic

This charming female tennis player is from Germany, she is famous for her playing techniques. Another well known thing about her is Petko Dance she performed very often. She is a good player with indeed one of the fittest body in this game. She is a super star in her country and throughout the globe.andrea-petkovic-016

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9. Caroline Wozniacki

A strong player and number 1 contender in WTA. She won many maiden grand slam titles and still a very good player. She is famous not only because of her good game but also due to her beautiful looks and attractive body.caroline-wozniacki-577x429

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8. Gisela Dulko

This charming lady belongs to Argentina. She is well known due to her sexy looks and She had a bright career due to her strong game. She has sexy looks plus passion and abilities, and also with a huge fan list all over the world.gisela-dulko_1431246c

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7. Alona Bondarenko

In tennis field she is a struggling player, till now she is not proved as a best player but due to her beauty she create a huge fan following. All this is due to her charming looks and attractive face which people like more during the game. So she is famous for her looks not for her game.alona-bondarenko-01

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6. Sabine Lisicki

Another beautiful German player is here at number 6. In the year 2009 She won first title of her career. The most beautiful thing in this lady is her charming smile which made a number of males to die for her. Her fan following never seems to stop or go down, indeed it is rising by the passage of time. We think that Germany is getting more spots here as compared to other countries.yonix-sabine

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5. Maria Sharapova

Everyone is well known of this woman now-a-days. A famous player with indomitable hotness, she is also found in many camera commercials. Many video games are launched using her name. That’s why we are giving number 5 position to this hot tennis player.maria-sharapova-img7411_668

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4. Daniela Hantuchova

A perfect mixture of looks, style and beauty is Daniela Hantuchova. In the start of her career she faces many problems to prove herself as one of the best players, but she established her image as a strong player of tennis. A large number of people watch her match for some reasons other than just enjoying the game.daniela-hantuchova-eyes-image

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3. Maria Kirilenko

At number 3 we have a stunning and charming lady from Russia. A very good player with a number of WTA single titles which are increasing day-by-day. Her fan following is not only due to her game play but her super sexy looks is also responsible for that. Her walking style is very famous among ladies. She is facing some problems in her life, but these problems have never invaded her fresh and sexy look at all times.2mk

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2. Julia Georges

Julia Georges is just Gorgeous. This word seems best in defining this pretty and charming tennis player. She is not only beautiful but also one of the most talented women in this field. It is reported in a magazine that she doesn’t like to be called gorgeous, we don’t know the reason behind this thing.WTA-Tennis-img3251_668

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1. Ana Ivanovic

The number 1 position in our list is taken by Ana Ivanovic. She is the Serbian beauty and very well known as sex symbol throughout the world. She is good player in WTA rankings but not so good. So we can say that her fan following is not due to her tennis game, it is due to her sexy body and very beautiful and attractive face. She is also known as beauty duel due to her mind blowing figure.tumblr_m7obsqq8n51ronnz0o1_1280Image source

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