Top ten Most Strange, Unusual & Creative Buildings

Architecture is one of the most amazing form of art. Architects around the world are trying hard to create unique and creative designs. Constructing a building can be stressful. It needs right location, extensive time, money and also experience and innovation.

We all have seen incredible architecture in our existence. Here are the list of most unusual, and most creative buildings around the world. Hope you guys enjoy my collection!

1: Upside Down House

Upside Down House is located in the tiny village of Szymbark in Poland. This Creative house is designed by Daniel Czapiewski in 114 days. Many tourists complain of mild seasickness and dizziness after just a few minutes of being in the building.


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2: The Piano House

Piano House is located in Huainan, China. This incredible structure was built in 2007 by architectural students at Hefei University of Technology. The building consists of escalators, meeting rooms, and space for weddings and other events.


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3: Basket Building

World’s largest Basket Building is located in Newark, Ohio, USA. It is an office building, was completed in December 1997. The building’s interior is also very breathtaking consists of a grand staircase, player piano and marble floors.


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4: Kansas City Library

Kansas City Librar is a public library, located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Local residents selected the titles of the books that are displayed on the bookshelf. Each book is around 25 feet tall and nine feet wide.


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5: Stone House

Stone house is located in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal. The “House of Stone” was built between two large stones, inspired by the famous Flintstones cartoons. The house is quite cozy from inside having fireplace and a swimming pool.


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6: The Crooked House

The Crooked House is located in Sopot, Poland. It was built in 2004 by Szotyńscy & Zaleski. This 4,000 square meters building is a part of the Rezydent shopping center.


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7: Cubic Houses

These innovative cubic houses is located in Rotterdam and Helmond, Netherlands. It was designed by architect Piet Blom. He wants to design a village within a main city so his design represents each house a tree and all the houses together make up a forest.


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8: Solar Furnace

The world’s largest solar furnace is located in Odeillo, Pyrénées-Orientales, France. It was built in 1970 by the National Scientific Research Center. This building has 9,600 mirrors which capture the suns energy and concentrate it to reach temperatures over 3,000°C.


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9:  The Dancing House

The Dancing House is located in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. It was designed by Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with Canadian architect Frank Gehry, constructed between 1992-1996. This modern architecture represents a man and a woman dancing together.


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10: Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is a housing complex, located in Montreal, Canada. It was designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie. Its concept was to give privacy, fresh air, sunlight and suburban amenities in an urban location.


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    December 26, 2015 at 8:50am

    Comment: I love all these marvelous price of hardwork and talent.I salute the labours who built these just…ah..marvelous , excellent , wonderful , e.t.c…..
    Actually there is no words to describe this peice of art!!!!….

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