Top Ten Most Popular Sports in World

Today we are going to make a list of ten most popular and famous sports in our world. We are making this list according to the research based on most played, most watched and the most income generating sports. Our main focus is on the sports which are most watched by people. We have provided information about fan following for every type of sport in our list.

At Number 10


The number 10 position is given to Golf, This game is very popular in US, Europe, Canada etc. There are more than 390 Million fans of Golf in our world. In this game the player hit the balls into a series of holes using minimum number of strokes.Golfplayer

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At Number 9

Rugby & American Football

At 9th position there are two sports with almost same number of fans around the world.

There are almost 390 to 410 Million fans of American football. This game is most popular in US. It is played between two teams of eleven players each. This game is also known as gridiron.American Football

Rugby is also got fan following of 390 to 410 Million people around the globe. This game is mostly played in France, South Africa, New Zealand and England. It is the mostly played game in France.Rugby

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At Number 8


Baseball is very popular game in Japan, Cuba, US etc. It is the 8th most popular sport in world with more than 500 Million fans. It is a bat and ball game played between two teams. There are nine players in each team who do batting and fielding turn by turn.Baseball

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At Number 7

Table Tennis

With a fan following of around 900 Million people around the world Table tennis is at number 7 position in most popular sports. These fans are mostly belongs to Asia, Americas, Africa and Europe. In this game two or four players hit a light weight ball using table tennis rackets. This sport is also known as “Ping Pong”.Table Tennis

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At Number 6


Volleyball is more popular in Australia, Europe and Asia and it takes 6th position in our list with almost 900 Million fans all over the world. There are two teams played across a net. Each team consist of six players.Volleyball

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At Number 5


There are almost 1 Billion fans of Tennis in world. This game is very famous in Asia, Americas and Europe. This game can be played as single v/s single or in doubles.Tennis

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At Number 4


Field Hockey plus Ice hockey is the 3rd most popular sport in world. There are 2 to 2.2 Billion fans of hockey on earth. It is most popular in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa etc. Both type of Hockey is played all over the world. Field hockey is the national game of India and Pakistan. Ice hockey is more popular in Sweden, Canada, Europe, USA etc.Hockey

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At Number 3


This game is getting more and more popularity around the world. At this time it is at number 3rd position with round about 2 to 3 Billion fans which are mainly in Canada, China, US, Philippine etc. This sport is played on a court with rectangular shape in between two teams, Five players in each. The objective of each player is to make points by shooting the ball through a hoop 10 Feet high.Basketball

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At Number 2


It the second most famous sport in world with the number of fan following is between 2 to 3 Billion people round the world. This Sport is most popular in India, Pakistan, Australia, UK, Asia and many other regions. This game is played by using a bat and ball between two teams on a 22-yard long pitch. Each team consist of Eleven players, they attempt to score runs in a turn known as innings.Cricket

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At Number 1


Soccer is at number one in our list with number of fans are 3.3 to 3.5 Billion around the world. It is most popular in Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas. It is commonly known as football and soccer, played between two teams, eleven players in each team. Kicking a football towards a target is the main thing in this game.Soccer

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