Top Ten Most Beautiful Flowers in World

Nature is beautiful, We can find beauty of nature in so many different things like Mountains, Trees, Lakes etc. Today we choose Flowers, which is the most beautiful gift by nature. Flower is the easiest way to show your feelings and emotions. When u see beautiful flower, you feel happy and glad. Here is the list of ten most beautiful and charming flowers in our world.

At Number 10


This beautiful flower belongs to Mexico, Colombia and Central America. There are almost 36 species of this flower with hybrids commonly grown as garden plants. With such a charming look this flower stands at number ten on our list.


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At Number 9


More than 109 species are described of this flower. It belongs to the family Liliaceae. The genus’s native range extends from as far west as Southern Europe, Israel, North Africa, Anatolia, and Iran to the Northwest of China. A number of its types are cultivated in gardens or to display as fresh-cut flowers.


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At Number 8


These plants are commonly called hyacinths, and it is a small genus of bulbous flowering plants. This type is found mostly in South Turkey, Northern Israel, Turkmenistan and Iran.


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At Number 7

The Water Lily

Nymphaeaceae is a family of flowering plants. Member of this family are known as Water Lilies. This type of flower lives in fresh water around the globe. There are about 70 species of water lilies around the world. This flower is very much used in Oil paintings made by many Artists.


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At Number 6


Rudbeckia is a plant genus of 23 species in the family Asteraceae. The species are commonly called cone flowers and black-eyed-susans; all are native to North America and many species are cultivated in gardens for their gold or showy yellow flower heads.PrairieSunRudbeckia

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At Number 5


Calla belongs to family Araceae. It is native to cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, in central, eastern and northern Europe (France and Norway eastward), northern Asia and northern North America (Alaska, Canada, northeastern contiguous United States).calla 2

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At Number 4


The most common and well known beautiful flower Rose stands at number 4 in our list. It is so beautiful and charming, and found in many different colors. Rose is cultivated heavily all around the world. Red rose is most famous among all its colors. It is a symbol of love, and used to propose or as a gift for your loved ones. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Species, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and often are fragrant.water drop on rose

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At Number 3

Oriental Poppy

Papaver orientale (Oriental poppy) is a perennial flowering plantnative to the Caucasus, northeastern Turkey, and northern Iran. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in world and it is found in many different colors.oriental-poppy

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At Number 2


Strelitzia is most commonly known as “bird of paradise”. Why people use this name? You can find its answer in the image below. In South Africa it is commonly known as a crane flower.strelitzia_reginae024p

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At Number 1


Sakura is also known as cherry blossom. Many of the varieties that have been cultivated for ornamental use do not produce fruit. Edible cherries generally come from cultivars of the related species Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus. This is the most beautiful flower in world and stands at number 1 position in our list.Sakura_flower_by_littl3fairyImage Source

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