Top Ten Beautiful and Amazing Underwater Animals

There are so many things we know about underwater animals which are not true. They are only misconceptions develop in our minds mostly due to watching horror movies. In reality underwater animals are beautiful and precious gift of God so we have to take care of them. God has created such wonderful fishes and animals underwater, which can never be created by any scientist of biologist. Many people like fishes as pet. They look so amazing and charming and are available in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Here is the list of ten most amazing underwater animals

At Number 10


This fish has more than 30 species and it gives some charming colors. The orange color is most beautiful and it is found in almost all species. These fishes are found in many different lengths with the smallest one is only few centimeters long. This fish can easily bred in captivity so it is good for aquarium fanatics.clownfish

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At Number 9

Emperor Angelfish

What makes this fish so amazing to include in this list is the color of their skin which is more like a plethora of rare designs and color combinations not to be found in any other fish. On their skin there are blue and yellow linings which increase its beauty. This fish is mostly found in Indian and Pacific Ocean.Emperor-angelfish-side-profile

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At Number 8

Lion Fish

This fish is also knows by the name of Pterois. This fish is mostly found in Indo Pacific ocean. This fish is very different from common fishes, it has various colors and mixtures of bands, some species are also containing red and white stripes on their body. You can get clear view by this picture below.Lion Fish6

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At Number 7


This fish is mostly found in shallow and warm regions of the oceans. This fish survives better in warm water and it grows rapidly there. This fish is also found in many different sizes. The maximum size of this fish is 10CM.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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At Number 6

Yellow Tang

As the picture shows this fish is one of the most beautiful fishes in world. Its charming yellow color makes it so pretty. This fish is most famous for being kept in aquariums, because it looks so charming and wonderful. When I first saw this fish I just think that it is not real one.Yellow Tang

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At Number 5

Mandarin Fish

This fish is mostly found in Islands of Australia. It is one of the most densely colored species in our world. This fish is not good to keep in artificial aquariums at homes. This is due to its specific diet which is available only in these islands.Mandarin Fish

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At Number 4


This is the most popular fish, as everyone is well aware about its name and shape. You may see it in National Geographic Channel or in some Movies. Jellyfish is not a fish due to many reasons. It may looks attractive but it is one of the most dangerous creatures found in marine life.Jellyfish

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At Number 3

Clown Trigger fish

They are categorized as Clowns due to various combinations of the different colors. They are quite agile in showing rapid movements, so it is very difficult to take a photo of this species. For those who plan to take a live view of this fish, diving in the Central Pacific Ocean is recommended.clown_triggerfish2

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At Number 2

Squareback Anthias

This fish is a must part of marine world. We can say that marine world seems incapacitated without the presence of this fish in the regular marine settings. You can keep this creature into your artificial aquarium at your home, but you should provide it with lots of zooplankton which it loves to eat.PPanthias_squarespotL

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At Number 1


These wonderful creatures are mostly found in the bottom of seas and oceans. They are like Jellyfish. Due to this thing marine life looks so beautiful and attractive. These are beautiful creatures of God and due to them underwater world appears to be like heaven.Acropora coral garden with giant clam. Raging Horn, Osprey Reef, Coral SeaImage Source


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