Ten Great Inventions that Changed the World

In the past few hundred years science changes our lives in many different ways. So many inventions were made which changes the world. The time period between early 1600’s to the 18th century will be known as scientific revolution age. These radical inventions of science changes the entire universe and also brought innovation and more comfort to the lives of all people on earth. We made a list of ten greatest inventions which changed our world, in order to get top ten inventions we only choose most important inventions.

At Number 10

The Plow

Although the plow seems to be different from new technology based inventions but it is very important in terms of its functions. We can’t survive without food, and by the passage of time human population increase. So this invention help us to produce more goods, it used to carve furrows into soil so it make harvesting faster and easy process. Many modifications are made to this product.

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At Number 9

The Wheel

A very old and ancient invention, but it is one of the most important things which changed our lives. It is said that Wheel is invented in 3100 B.C. Due to this invention transport of people and goods become faster and easy. We can’t imagine a car without wheels, So we can say many latest inventions especially vehicles are developed due to this invention.

Stone Axe Leaning against Crude Wheel

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At Number 8


We don’t know who invented the refrigerator, although this thing in found in all homes now-a-days. We always need a chill coke and this thing is possible due to the invention of refrigeration system. There are two famous scientists who invented this system; their names are Oliver Evans and Carl Von Linde. In the current era we can get so many designs and varieties in this invention.


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At Number 7

Steam Engine

When we need to transport large number of goods from one place to another, it seems very difficult in old age. The invention of steam engine makes industrial revolution possible. Before this invention transport process is very slow. The 1st practical steam engine was invented by Thomas Newcomen.


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At Number 6

The Printing Press

Chinese invented the paper thousands of years ago, after many years this new technology is invented which help to record a large amount of information on paper. Books are many expensive before Printing press invention so very few people are able to buy them. After the invention of printing press, mass production starts and diffusion of knowledge becomes faster and easier.


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At Number 5

Communication Devices

New Generation never imagine a life without mobile phone, telephones, TV or Radio.  Telephone is invented by Graham Bell, and Samuel Morse invented Electric Telegraph. Television was invented by John Logie Baird. Radio was the invention of Guglielmo Marconi.


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At Number 4

Light Bulb

Such product is not invented by one single man; we only remember the name of an individual who is more responsible for invention. So light bulb is invented by Thomas Edison. Due to this invention we can do our works on night without any problem of light. We can say that all electrical devices are based on the idea of light bulb in somehow.


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At Number 3


The first automobile is believed to be created by Karl Benz in the year 1885. At that time this invention was cheap and people can easily buy it. Now-a-days almost everyone is able to buy some type of this invention.  Due to this invention people get power to travel anywhere anytime.


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At Number 2


Everyone knows the functions and definition of computer in current era. It is not the invention of a single person. Many people involved in the development of computer. Major contribution was done by Charles Babbage and Alan Turning. Blaise Pascal is also regarded as one of the contributors to the development of computing devices like his Calculator.


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At Number 1


DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) was the organization who build a mobile network of computers for the 1st time. It was a purely military organization that made the first network of computers. After this network, this thing spread all over the world. It is the biggest invention ever although it has many merits and demerits. The concept and designs of TCP/IP was given and applied in the 1970’s by a group of scientists and computer engineers.

InternetImage Source

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